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We are excited to announce that Travelmyth, the hotel search engine with advanced category filters, is now available as a ChatGPT plugin! This means you can now ask for personalized hotel recommendations as naturally as you would in a conversation. For instance, you could ask "Find me a beachfront hotel in Santorini with a hot tub for my anniversary in October" and get instant, personalized recommendations. With the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin, finding your dream hotel has never been easier or more intuitive. Explore the page to learn more about how the plugin can enhance your hotel search experience.

Features and Benefits

The Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin is designed to provide a truly personalized hotel search experience. It does more than just finding accommodations – it understands your unique needs and presents hotel options that are tailored to you. Here are some of the key features and benefits:

Advanced Category Filters: Leveraging Travelmyth's database of over 4 million hotels classified into 60 distinct categories, the plugin can match your requests with a high degree of specificity.

Real-Time Availability and Pricing: The plugin fetches not only the hotel options but also their availability and pricing information, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Conversational Interface: The plugin is designed to work with ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art conversational AI. You can state your requirements in a natural, conversational way, just like talking to a human travel agent.

Personalization: Whether you're looking for a pet-friendly B&B for a weekend getaway or an overwater villa in the Maldives for your honeymoon, the plugin personalizes the search based on your preferences.

How it Works

The Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin works seamlessly in the background to bring personalized hotel recommendations to you. Here's how it works:

You Ask: Start by asking ChatGPT for hotel recommendations. You can specify your preferences, such as location, type of hotel, desired amenities, dates, and more.

ChatGPT Communicates with Travelmyth: The plugin takes your request and communicates it to Travelmyth, which has a database of over 4 million hotels worldwide, classified into 60 distinct categories.

Travelmyth Processes Your Request: Travelmyth processes the request, sifts through the database based on your specifications, and fetches the most suitable accommodation options. It also fetches the availability and pricing information for these options.

ChatGPT Presents the Recommendations: The plugin then presents the recommendations in a conversational manner, allowing you to ask follow-up questions or refine your request.

With the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin, you're not just searching for a hotel - you're having a conversation about what you want, and getting personalized recommendations based on that conversation. It's a revolutionary way to find your perfect stay.

Example Interactions

To give you a better idea of how the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin can enhance your hotel search experience, here are a few examples:

"Find a hotel in Bali with an infinity pool for my honeymoon from July 17th to 23rd."

"We're a couple looking for a secluded beachfront resort in the Maldives with a spa and overwater villas. We're planning to visit in the first week of September."

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"We are a couple with a 7-year-old daughter planning an 8-day road trip in Europe starting on August 4 from Milan and ending in Munich. We love walking, enjoying nature, family-friendly parks, museums, and activities involving the whole family. We would love to stay at least once in a hotel close to a vineyard, and any hotel with a pool would be great. Also, please ensure all suggested hotels have parking for our rental car. Can you help create our dream holiday plan?"


What is the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin?

The Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin is a tool that allows you to use the advanced category filtering system of Travelmyth through a conversational interface powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

How do I use the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin?

You can use the plugin by asking ChatGPT for hotel recommendations, specifying your preferences. The plugin then fetches the most suitable options from Travelmyth.

Does the plugin check real-time availability and prices?

Yes, the plugin fetches not only hotel options that match your preferences but also their availability and pricing information, as long as you specify your desired dates or the approximate period of time you want to travel.

Getting Started

To start using the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin, visit the ChatGPT plugin store, search for Travelmyth and install the plugin. Once installed, you can start asking for personalized hotel recommendations directly through ChatGPT.

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Ready to revolutionize your hotel search experience? The Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin is here to help you find the perfect stay tailored to your unique preferences. Don't just settle for a generic hotel search, get personalized recommendations that truly match your travel dreams.

Still have questions? Our dedicated team is here to assist. Feel free to reach out to our customer service for any queries you may have about using the plugin.

Embrace the future of travel planning. Install the Travelmyth ChatGPT Plugin today and let your dream holiday begin!









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