Stay, Play, Repeat: 7+1 Hotels with Clay Tennis Courts You Won’t Forget

October 27, 2023 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Tennis has long been celebrated not only as a compelling sport but also as a means to staying physically fit, mentally alert and socially engaged. Many avid players and fans have their preferred type of court, but there's something distinctively elegant and timeless about playing on a clay court. This slower surface, made primarily of crushed shale, stone or brick, offers a unique challenge, as the ball bounces higher and slows down, demanding strategic plays and longer rallies. Additionally, clay courts are gentler on the body, reducing the risk of injuries that players might face on harder surfaces.

In our pursuit of curating the finest experiences for our readers, Travelmyth has meticulously crafted a specialized tennis category questionnaire. This ensures that our list only comprises the best hotels with tennis courts that genuinely boast clay tennis courts among other distinguished amenities. We've left no stone unturned, delving into every aspect of the tennis experience, from court availability and surface type to lesson offerings and gear provisions. Acknowledging the allure of clay tennis courts and the increasing demand from tennis-loving travelers, we've embarked on this mission to identify world-class tennis hotels that not only promise luxury and comfort but also stand true to their promise of providing top-notch tennis facilities.

So, whether you're a seasoned player looking to refine your slide technique on the clay or simply seeking that vintage tennis experience amidst opulent surroundings, these clay court tennis resorts promise a treat. Grab your racquet and prepare to discover some of the world's most splendid hotels with clay tennis courts, ready to elevate both your game and your stay!

Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa

The sun-kissed state of California is not just known for its mesmerizing coastlines and iconic landmarks; it's also home to Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, an emblem of luxury tucked away in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe. This Spanish Colonial Hacienda-inspired gem sprawls majestically over 45 acres, adorned with lush gardens and citrus groves, creating a romantic atmosphere that makes it one of the best hotels for honeymoon in California. While the resort is renowned for its 49 guest casitas and 3 lavish private residences, all setting the gold standard for opulence, what truly stands out for tennis aficionados is its exemplary tennis realm.

Tennis at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is a celebrated tradition and a burning passion. It's no surprise that it has been consecutively crowned Southern California’s #1 Tennis Resort by Tennis Magazine since 2008. But what sets it apart for clay court enthusiasts is its trio of European Red Clay courts, seamlessly blending with 13 Plexipave championship courts, creating a haven for tennis players. These clay courts offer a unique challenge, a dance of strategy and skill amidst the backdrop of verdant gardens. Players, whether novices or experts, can revel in friendly matches, or choose to train under the aegis of seasoned tennis pros, sharpening their skills on these unparalleled clay surfaces. And for the younger enthusiasts, the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy promises a robust juniors program, nurturing the next generation of tennis greats. At Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, every serve, volley, and rally becomes a cherished memory, solidifying its place as the ultimate destination for tennis lovers.

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Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Surrey, UK, the award-winning Foxhills country club stands as a testament to refined luxury. A mere stone's throw away from the bustling heart of London, this 400-acre estate not only boasts three pristine golf courses, making it one of the hotels near golf courses in England, but also a rich tennis legacy that echoes through its impeccable courts. Beyond the golfing greens and spa havens, the Tennis Club at Foxhills beckons enthusiasts with its diverse court options – eleven to be precise. Amidst these, it’s the three synthetic clay courts that particularly captivate the attention of those who yearn for a traditional European tennis experience on the English soil.

At Foxhills, tennis is not merely a sport but a community endeavor. The club's participation in various prestigious leagues, such as the Surrey League, National League, and the Woking District league, stands as a testament to its commitment to the game. From summer social tournaments for the spirited youngsters to the comprehensive group tennis coaching sessions for members, the offerings cater to a wide spectrum of tennis enthusiasts. The club's LTA-qualified coaches, with their rich expertise, offer tailored lessons, ensuring that each backhand, volley, and serve is perfected. Whether you're a seasoned player or someone stepping onto the clay court for the first time, Foxhills promises a tennis experience that melds tradition with top-notch coaching, set against the scenic backdrop of Surrey’s sprawling greens.

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The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino

Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Ionian Sea, The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Costa Navarino in Costa Navarino, Peloponnese, Greece, emerges as the epitome of sophistication and grandeur. This opulent resort not only boasts grand column-lined walkways and unrivaled views of the coastline but is also heralded as one of the hotels with an infinity pool in Greece. However, beyond its infinity vistas and the allure of its pristine golf landscape, lies a treasure for tennis enthusiasts – The Mouratoglou Tennis Center.

Crafted meticulously to resonate with the classic Messinian landscapes, the center nestles amidst verdant olive trees, offering a panoramic spectacle of the Ionian Sea. It promises tennis experiences that transcend the ordinary, with its 12 state-of-the-art tennis courts, including clay courts of unparalleled quality. On these clay terrains, players can elevate their endurance and decision-making prowess, surrounded by the serene embrace of nature. The Mouratoglou Coaching Philosophy, renowned globally, offers guests a transformative tennis journey, guiding them from the rudiments to advanced techniques. With a plethora of options, ranging from private sessions to invigorating tennis clinics, every serve and rally here isn't just a game but an odyssey that intertwines the magic of tennis with the timeless charm of Greece.

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Located on the serene western shores of Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo stands as a majestic testament to Italy's rich tapestry of history and culture. A radiant jewel from the era of art nouveau, this icon not only offers captivating vistas spanning across the shimmering lake towards Bellagio and the Grigne mountains but is also acclaimed as one of the historic hotels in Italy. While its sumptuous accommodations, private beach and exquisite pools paint a picture of opulence, the hotel's clay tennis court is a hidden gem, ensconced amidst its lavish private parkland.

As you set foot on this pristine clay court, be prepared for a tennis experience like no other. Playing tennis here, one can't help but be captivated by the surrounding beauty of the lake, mountains and picturesque villages that frame every moment on the court. With its strategic positioning and thoughtful floodlighting, the court beckons for exhilarating matches from dawn to dusk. And for those seeking perfection in their strokes, the hotel offers not just premium rackets and balls, but also expert instructors on request. Playing tennis at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers more than just a match; it's an experience set to the captivating views of Italy's Lake Como.

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Puente Romano Beach Resort

Basking in the coastal allure of Marbella, Andalucia, Spain, the Puente Romano Beach Resort radiates the essence of Mediterranean vibrancy. As you traverse this enchanting Andalusian village-style sanctuary, a spectrum of culinary wonders, captivating botanical gardens, and renowned sports clubs unfurls before you. Yet, for those with a passion for tennis, it's the famed tennis club of Puente Romano Beach Resort that truly captivates. Recognized as a premier destination for professional tennis in southern Europe, the club showcases ten masterfully designed courts, with a predominant focus on its 8 pristine clay courts.

The rhythmic echo of ball meets racket on these clay courts reverberates with the legacy of tennis legends like Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, and John McEnroe. With its esteemed affiliation to the RFET, the club not only boasts exceptional courts but also a myriad of top-tier amenities, from a state-of-the-art gym equipped with TechnoGym machinery to a rejuvenating spa haven replete with saunas and Turkish baths. As twilight descends, casting a golden sheen over the clay, guests are invited to unwind in their expansive suites or perhaps one of the resort's secluded villas, rightfully earning Puente Romano its distinction as one of the hotels with a private pool in Spain. At Puente Romano Beach Resort, tennis becomes a celebration of elegance, heritage, and the timeless allure of the Mediterranean.

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Castello del Sole Beach Resort&SPA

Amidst the stunning expanses of Switzerland's breathtaking landscapes lies Castello del Sole Beach Resort&SPA, a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation. Beyond its opulent façade and sprawling 140 hectares of natural wonder, inclusive of a private beach, winery, and a serene bird sanctuary, the resort offers a tennis experience par excellence. For enthusiasts of the game, Castello del Sole Beach Resort&SPA beckons with an invitation to play amidst the splendor of its surroundings. Four pristine outdoor clay tennis courts, set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Maggiore and the sprawling estates, promise a playing experience that's unparalleled. As players immerse themselves in the game, the resort's unwavering dedication to excellence is evident. For those eager to perfect their techniques, personalized coaching is available, turning each match into a showcase of finesse and skill.

Yet, the allure of Castello del Sole Beach Resort&SPA extends beyond its tennis courts. As one of the hotels with an indoor pool in Switzerland, the resort ensures a holistic experience of rejuvenation and relaxation. For those eager to elevate their tennis prowess, the resort's collaboration with ex-professional and Davis Cup winner Marco Chiudinelli guarantees an intensive training regimen. Over 11 training hours, participants benefit from Chiudinelli's seasoned expertise, refining their technique and strategy against the breathtaking canvas of Lake Maggiore. Coupled with rejuvenating sessions at the Castello SPA and gourmet offerings sourced from the resort's garden and adjoining farm, it's an invitation to both tennis excellence and serene indulgence.

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Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech

Perched gracefully under the gaze of the majestic Atlas Mountains, the Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech stands as a pinnacle of luxury and tranquility, only a stone's throw from the vibrant rhythms of Marrakech in Morocco. This oasis, steeped in unparalleled sophistication, not only offers sumptuous living spaces and exquisite dining but also presents a tennis lover's dream. Four meticulously designed clay tennis courts, gracefully illuminated for twilight encounters, nestle quietly behind the resort's state-of-the-art Fitness Centre. These courts, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, beckon both seasoned players and budding enthusiasts to indulge in spirited rallies, all while soaking in the serene ambiance of this Moroccan retreat.

As one of the hotels near golf courses in Marrakech, Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech has intricately woven its tennis offerings into the fabric of its luxury experiences. The Royal Palm Tennis Academy stands testament to this commitment. Offering a suite of tailor-made lessons, intensive training programs, and elite competitions, the academy curates tennis experiences for enthusiasts of all ages. Whether it's perfecting a serve under the watchful eye of a professional trainer, engaging in high-octane tournaments, or simply reveling in the joy of the sport amidst the echoing laughter of family and friends, the academy ensures that every tennis memory crafted here is as timeless as the surrounding landscapes. As the fiery Marrakech sun dips below the horizon, the clay courts at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech come alive with passion, precision and the promise of unforgettable moments.

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Desert Rose Resort

As our journey through some of the world's most exceptional tennis-friendly hotels culminates, we find ourselves at the doorstep of the Desert Rose Resort in Hurghada, Egypt. A mere 15 minutes from the airport, this sprawling haven beckons guests with a promise of sun-kissed experiences, from its sprawling 1km private beach to its lavish accommodation options. Amidst the myriad offerings of 5 exquisite restaurants and 11 inviting bars, the tennis aficionado finds a sanctuary in the resort's dedicated tennis facilities. Three pristine clay courts, crafted from unbound mineral aggregate, offer an unparalleled playing experience under the vast expanse of the Egyptian sky. These courts, free during the sunlit hours, come alive under the evening's floodlights, making them perfect for those who wish to challenge their opponents as the cool desert breeze whispers tales of ancient wonders.

Moreover, the Desert Rose Resort isn't just a tennis lover's paradise. As one of the hotels with a pool water slide in Hurghada, it ensures that post-match relaxation is both exhilarating and refreshing. While rackets are generously provided to those without, the courts stand as a testament to the resort's commitment to delivering a diverse and fulfilling holiday experience. As we conclude our list, it's worth noting that whether it's the allure of a vibrant game or the call of azure waters, the Desert Rose Resort promises memories that shimmer as brightly as its namesake in the heart of Egypt.

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The elegance of tennis finds its match in the grandeur of these globally renowned luxury tennis resorts. As each serve and volley is enriched by panoramic vistas, world-class amenities, and a touch of luxury, travelers get a unique blend of sport and relaxation. For tennis enthusiasts and vacationers alike, these curated selections represent the pinnacle of tennis holiday resorts that await your discovery.

But our journey doesn't stop here. If the tales of clay courts by shimmering beaches, backhands under mountain silhouettes, and serves amidst historic grandeur have ignited your wanderlust, there's a world of tennis-infused adventures waiting for you. Dive deeper into the luxurious realm of hotels offering their very own tennis courts, and chart your next voyage. Explore our full list of Hotels with Tennis Courts, discover the best tennis travel destinations around the world and let your passion for the game guide your travels. Whether you're practicing your shots or simply absorbing the serenity, find your perfect stay, your way.

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