The Bowery Hotel
Hotel in New York NY
From HK$ 4,074
From HK$ 4,074
Haunted Hotel
The Bowery's decor transports guests back to the Gothic 19th century and this is probably why ghosts seem to like staying at this hotel so much, too. One of the most famous occurrences is definitely the ghosts in the elevators, which go mysteriously up and down every night at 1 a.m.
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From HK$ 2,141
From HK$ 2,141
Haunted Hotel
Algonquin Hotel was the favourite meeting spot of an elite group of literati called the Round Table, the members of which met regularly to discuss literature. Rumour has it that when the hotel started renovations in its attic, strange noises could be heard coming from the room, while a photograph of Dorothy Parker, one of the members of the Round Table, fell off the wall and broke.
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