Colorful Escapes: Exploring 8 of the World's Most Stunning Red Pools

December 1, 2023 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  The Library - SHA Extra Plus

Have you ever wondered what sets some of the world's most luxurious hotel pools apart? Among the myriad of stunning pools, red pools stand as a rarity in the world of luxury travel, offering a visual spectacle that defies the ordinary. Our team has collected some extraordinary hotels, each boasting its own red pool, inviting guests to dive into a different kind of luxury. Apart from just being leisure pools, they also represent a daring fusion of art and hospitality, transforming the swimming experience into a bold statement of sophistication and surprise.

As we unveil these unique hotels, it's clear that their red pools are much more than a quirky choice. They are a deliberate blend of style, luxury, and creativity, offering guests an experience that goes beyond just a place to swim. Each hotel's story is enhanced by the presence of these vibrant pools, making every stay a memorable journey into the extraordinary. If we already piqued your curiosity, then join us in exploring 8 of the world's most stunning hotels with red pools!

The Library - SHA Extra Plus

At the heart of Koh Samui's Chaweng Beach, The Library - SHA Extra Plus unfolds as a poetic retreat where luxury and nature's beauty blend seamlessly. This beachfront hotel, more akin to a well-versed monograph, captivates with its minimalist design across 12,800 square meters (137,778 square feet). With 46 elegantly appointed studios, suites, and pool villas that offer a sanctuary for contemplation, this hotel invites guests to immerse in a world where reading, relaxation, and refined luxury converge.

Central to this serene oasis is The Library - SHA Extra Plus’s iconic Red Pool. Adorned with vibrant mosaic tiles in shades of orange, yellow, and red, the pool stands as a dazzling visual spectacle, reflecting the hotel's distinctive allure and creative spirit. Acclaimed as one of the world's most extraordinary hotel pools, it also ranks among the illustrious hotels with infinity pool in Thailand, marrying its artistic layout with the boundless horizon of the sea. Here, guests find themselves in a realm of unparalleled color and style, making every swim not just a dip, but a dive into a vivid, sensory experience.

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Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel - Adults Only

In the pulsating heart of Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel - Adults Only redefines the essence of a vibrant summer escape. This hotel, a pinnacle of modern luxury at Playa d'en Bossa, has reshaped the Ibizan landscape with its 415 opulent rooms and suites, each a gateway to unparalleled indulgence. Ushuaia isn't just a hotel, it's an experience in and of itself, a place where the rhythms of world-renowned DJs blend seamlessly with the waves of the Mediterranean.

At the core of this adult-only paradise is the Ushuaia Tower pool, a crimson-hued oasis that offers a sanctuary from the vibrant Ibiza nights. It's a symbol of relaxation and elegance, a pool that gazes out right upon the Mediterranean. This red pool, coupled with the delight of a freshly prepared Bloody Mary from the Infinity Cocktail Bar, makes Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel - Adults Only not just one of the adult-only hotels in Ibiza, but a destination where mornings are as enticing as the nights, and each dip is a rejuvenating elixir for the senses.

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The Tiing Tejakula Villas

Nestled where Bali's highlands kiss its exotic black sand beaches, The Tiing Tejakula Villas is nothing short of the epitome of luxury and tranquility. This boutique resort, with its 14 spacious villas, is embedded in the lush natural beauty and ancient Balinese culture of the northern coast. In this oasis, the journey is as enchanting as the destination, with winding roads leading through Bali's verdant landscape to a place that promises a unique escape.

The resort's centerpiece is a striking red public bathing pool, a vivid contrast to the surrounding green jungle. Designed as an energizing welcome, this pool is a visual feast, harmonizing with the ocean and sky at the horizon. It stands as a bold symbol of the resort's ethos – a reward for the intrepid traveler. This, along with its status as one of the hotels with a spa in Bali, makes The Tiing Tejakula Villas an unforgettable retreat, where the allure of discovery meets the serenity of the island.

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Art Hotel Santorini

In the heart of Santorini, Greece, the Art Hotel Santorini stands as a testament to elegance and artistic expression, where luxury and comfort are celebrated in every detail. The hotel, with its minimalist all-white suites, is adorned with striking artworks, creating an ambience that is both sophisticated and inspiring.

At the core of Art Hotel Santorini, the central pool serves as a haven for both socializing and unwinding, where the worlds of art and leisure blend flawlessly. This inviting pool isn't merely for swimming; it's a vibrant gathering spot for those passionate about art, encouraging meaningful exchanges and connections. Framed by plush sun loungers and a pool bar that serves creatively named cocktails, the pool zone at Art Hotel Santorini emerges as a sanctuary of creativity and tranquility. It stands proudly as one of the hotels with a private pool in Santorini, offering an exclusive and intimate setting for guests to relax, socialize, and appreciate the finer aspects of art and life.

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Murano Resort Marrakech

In the enchanting Red City of Marrakech, the Murano Resort Marrakech stands as an Oriental marvel, a harmonious blend of Moroccan tradition and contemporary flair. Its rich ochre facades, set against the Palm Grove, lead to the main attraction - the Red Pool. This exquisite pool offers a sensory retreat, promising a unique experience of tranquility and well-being. As evening descends, the pool's waters reflect the Palmeraie's magical colors, transforming it into an even more captivating sight.

Encircled by the warm ocher hues of a distinguished boutique-style hotel in Morocco, the Red Pool serves as a tranquil haven. This exquisite pool, set amidst a verdant garden and beneath the peaceful shadows of olive trees, offers more than just a swim. It's a sanctuary for luxury and relaxation, a place where guests can surrender to a state of bliss, enveloped by the lush tranquility of Marrakech's Palm Groves.

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Broadway Hotel & Suites

Nestled in the vibrant core of Buenos Aires, Broadway Hotel & Suites epitomizes contemporary sophistication and cutting-edge style. As a distinguished 4-star establishment, this Art Deco jewel melds minimalist aesthetics with a rich historical ambiance, complemented by the latest in modern conveniences. Its strategic location on Corrientes Avenue, near the iconic Obelisk, positions it amidst the city's vibrant theater and financial districts.

Perched atop this architectural gem is the hotel's red pool and solarium, a summer sanctuary in the sky. As one of the hotels with a rooftop pool in Buenos Aires, it offers a unique vantage point to soak in the city's energetic pulse. From there, guests can revel in the luxury of an urban retreat, with the pool's waters reflecting the dynamic spirit of Buenos Aires from dawn till dusk.

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Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

At the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos blends the essence of rhythm and relaxation, setting the stage for a vacation that promises to be a highlight. The hotel's Red Pool, one of the hotel's several pools, is renowned for its striking red floor and stands out as a symbol of vibrant energy and entertainment. A central DJ booth sets the tone for lively pool parties and dance-worthy ambiances, creating a space brimming with non-stop rocker vibes and picture-perfect moments.

As one of the beachfront hotels in Mexico, the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos offers more than just picturesque views. The Red Pool embodies the hotel's spirit of fun and excitement, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where music, dance, and poolside relaxation converge in a dynamic celebration under the Cabo sun.

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Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels

Last but not least on our tour of red pools around the world is Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels in Lisbon, Portugal. This charming hotel, nestled in the heart of Lisbon's historic Alfama district, marries authentic Portuguese culture with contemporary comfort, offering breathtaking views of Alfama and the Tagus River.

The hotel's standout feature, a refreshing red outdoor pool, is ingeniously integrated with the red-tiled roofs of the neighborhood, creating a stunning visual symphony. This serene oasis on the hotel's terrace, flanked by cozy lounging spots and offering a sublime view, embodies the elegance and charm of Lisbon itself. As one of the adult-only hotels in Portugal, Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels shares the same spirit of exclusive, serene hospitality, making it an unforgettable stop in our exploration of the world's most captivating red pools.

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As we conclude our journey through some of the world's most stunning hotels with red pools, we have witnessed a diverse array of luxury, style, and unique charm. From the serene vistas of Thailand to the vibrant heart of Ibiza, each hotel offers a distinct take on this rare pool color, promising unforgettable experiences. These red pools are not just about a swim; they represent a deeper dive into the extraordinary, a testament to the creativity and distinctiveness of each property.

If these remarkable red pools have inspired you, Travelmyth offers an extensive selection of hotels with swimming pools to continue your exploration. Dive into our 'Hotels with Swimming Pools' category or discover something unique in our 14 pool sub-categories, like 'Hotels with Infinity Pool' or 'Hotels with Rooftop Pool'. Whichever type of pool you prefer to swim in or lounge around, Travelmyth has a category for it, allowing you to tailor your search to your interests and preferences, in just a few clicks!

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