Just how to borrow. June Print collections start to reopen from 15. How Exactly To Borrow Sensibly.

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June 10, 2021
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June 10, 2021

Just how to borrow. June Print collections start to reopen from 15. How Exactly To Borrow Sensibly.

Just how to borrow. June Print collections start to reopen from 15. How Exactly To Borrow Sensibly.

From 15 June, library printing collections are slowly just starting to reopen on a self-service foundation.

You are able to borrow and return things at reopened locations. You need your UQ ID card to borrow as well as use of collection areas after-hours and high-use and requested products parts.

Borrow products

By borrowing from the collection you agree to comply with our borrowing guidelines.

Make use of your UQ ID card or collection card to borrow at:

  • self-service machines – you’ll loan items yourself
  • a site point where staff will help you.
  • Loan receipts are emailed to your UQ e-mail account. Please look at your receipt for as soon as your loans are due back.

    Log on to your Library Account to look at your overall loans along with your Borrowing history.

    Click on the dropdown arrow to see My account alternatives for present loans or Borrowing history

    Renew loans

  • The Library will auto-renew loans that are general to three times in the event that product just isn’t overdue or recalled as well as your account is not suspended. Auto-renewals happen 5 times ahead of the due date.
  • Shorter loans (7 day, 3 day, 24 hour, End of time) and basic loans which have already been recalled can’t be renewed
  • Overdue products cannot online be renewed. E mail us and consult with staff.
  • Document distribution things cannot be renewed online. Please demand a renewal through the Document Delivery portal via My Library.
  • Recalled loans

    General loans are susceptible to remember if needed by another customer. We shall request the return associated with item by e-mail, that might include a changed deadline.

  • You’re fully guaranteed that loan of seven days on basic things.
  • External and students that are remote fully guaranteed that loan of fourteen days on general things.
  • Get back the product by the brand new date that is due avoid replacement fees. See our Overdue things web page for details.
  • If you can find currently extra requests on a product during the time it really is lent, your loan period is going to be seven days.

    Get back your loans

    You are able to return things in person or by post. Check out our locations and hours for return areas or even the address that is postal of library. We will confirm your things are came back by email.


    Whenever going back products in individual, assist us make them readily available for loan once again sooner:

  • Return products into the collection where they certainly were lent and
  • Put High-Use and document distribution items on committed high-use return racks where available.
  • Community people: if you’re going back things at St Lucia away from regular opening hours, make use of the return that is external at Architecture and musical Library.

    By post

    Whenever items that are returning post:

  • Post what to the collection where they certainly were lent
  • You will be accountable for the expense of the postage.
  • by Carl Hazeley

    Borrowing cash is like a superpower. Utilized right, it could turbocharge your daily life, permitting you to buy things – such as for instance a house – that’d otherwise be away from the question. However, if handled incorrectly, financial obligation is dangerous. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be: here’s what you should understand to wield your power that is great with responsibility.

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